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October 18, 2011
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"I had alot of fun today Karkat," John giggled as he stood at the front door. He had spent the whole day with Karkat just
haning out and watching troll movies. "Thanks for letting me come over."
"Yeah yeah whatever fuckass."
"It sucks that you have to go in to the lab now."
Karkat looked up at the derpy faced kid, feeling his face heating up. What was it about this kid that made him so flustered.
He thought that if he acted like a complete jackass, mabey the kid would end up hating him but no; John wanted to be his
"Well I would take you with me if I could but I can't." Karkat lied. He knew nobody would care if the human hung around with them
but Karkat found him distracting.
"Do you want me to fly you there so you don't have to walk?"
"Whatever fuckass."
John scooped him up in his arms as they took to the sky. He remembered being terrified the first time John had taken him
flying but he was used to it now. He had to admit, the close proximity made him more frusterated than he already was. He listened
while John blabbed on about human things, but wasn't really paying attention. As he watched his lips move, he couldn't help
but wonder what it would be like to kiss them.
They landed all too soon and Karkat sighed inwardly. He didn't want to leave the human just yet.
"Karkat you're shivering," John pointed out, pulling off his hoddie and draping it around Karkat who pulled it on. Of coarse it was a
little big on him but he didn't care, snuggling into it.
"Thanks John," he mumbled staring at the ground.
"Oh no problem Karkat." He bent down, pressing a light kiss to Karkat's cheek, making the unexpecting troll blush fruiously, before
he took to the sky, waving at Karkat as he dissapeared.
A small smile graced the trolls lips as he walked into the lab where Vriska, Nepeta, Feferi, Kanaya, Tavros, and Gamzee all sat
doing nothing.
"Well well well," vriska smirked as Karkat walked in, "Hanging with the human kid agian are we."
Karkat's eyes widened and his grimace returned. "What? No."
"Oh please Karkat," Kanaya rolled her eyes, "You have that dough-eyed look on your face that you get when he so much as looks at you.
Karkat scowled at the two girls before sitting down next to Gamzee.
"Karkitty, should I add that to my shipping wall?"
"No Nepeta!"
Tavros looked at Gamzee giggling. "He's, uh, got it bad."
Gamzee and Feferi both nodded and Karkat just glared.
"Would you all just leave me the hell alone?" His face was bright red as he growled the words.
"Chill motherfucker," Gamzee hoped off the desk and strode over to Karkat.
"Yeah Karkles! Just say it already," Feferi giggled, her bubbly laugh making Karkat even more pissed off
"Say what?" he gritted out.
"That your in love with John!"
"Oh please Feferi! That is completely absurd! If anything I hate that fucking human."
The other five trolls laughed.
"Just admit it Karkat," Kanaya started, looking at Vriska.
"No chance, no way, I won't say it."
"You swoon you sigh why deny it?" Kan and Vriska demanded, hands on their hips.
"Its to cliche!"
Gamzee smirked, "Cliche? All of us in here have someone we love motherfucker." Tavros instantly looked away blushing, Feferi giggled thinking of Jade, and Vriska and Kanaya high-fived.
"When are you going to own up that you got it bad?"
"Shut up Serket! I will not say I am in love with John!"
"But you don't deny it either," she replied in a sing song voice.
"I fucking hate you all," he yelled throwing his hands in the air.
"uh, Karkat? Its okay your, uh, in love." Tavros smiled brightly and he knew the shy troll was right.
"Whatever Nitram," he hissed storming off.
Once he was out of sight, he realised he was still whereing John's hoodie. He snuggled into it, loving the softness against
his skin. It even smelled like the human. He smiled into the fabric. "At least out loud," he whispered, "I won't say I'm in love...."
WHAT THE HELL IS THIS????? :iconangrykarkatplz:

I have no idea Karkat...

Disney HS crossovers?? Yes I did it XD

You have to admit the song kinda works...

anyways I really hate this >.> it sucks I know lol
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